Digital Learning Ecosystems


Transformation through learning management systems, instructional technology design, and community engagement.

We specialize in digital learning systems which offer select collections of competency-based interdisciplinary resources, powerful digital applications and platforms, and collaborative academic networks specifically designed to maximize learning. Our proven approach to technology-based scientific curriculum is known as digital learning ecosystems and are powerful trends in today's educational landscape.

Digital Learning Ecosystems and Science Curriculum

We believe that digital learning ecosystems are a mainstay in modern science education and that they should maximize learner experiences and minimize educational barriers. Whether you are just getting started or have legacy systems in place, we will work with you to design your online science curriculum ecosystem.

Learning Management Systems

Selection and Implementation

  • Instructure Canvas

  • Moodle Rooms

  • Blackboard

  • Google Classroom

  • Apple Classroom

  • Confluence Systems

  • Adobe Suites

  • PowerSchool



Competency-Based Science Curriculum

Competency-based curriculum is a popular way of curating online science curriculum in which learners advance through defined learning outcomes as they master knowledge, process skills, or behaviors with measurable progress. We develop curriculum using this proven design approach through high-quality learning management and training systems.

Computer Robot

We have entered a 'global-age' of science education. This is as big as it gets. I have never seen a time in my life where science education has been this exciting. -Charles Fidler, PhD, MBA, President

Instructional Design, Development, and Platforms

Effective instructional design and development should be grounded in organized and stable curriculum infrastructures. We develop and ensure ease of information flow through your custom curriculum management system including:​

  • Flipped Classroom Models

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous

  • Web Resource Integrations

  • Online Experimentation

  • Standalone Lessons

  • Hybrid or Blended Curriculum

  • Fully Online Programs

  • Personal Learning Networks

Learning Badges

We develop custom learning badges. Badges are becoming increasingly popular components of competency-based learning which awards badges to learners who demonstrate mastery of specific or soft-skills. Learning badges work well in various formats of online learning since badges can extend across subjects areas and unifying themes. 

Learning Badges All.png