Professional Development

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Transformation through Faculty Expertise, Modern Science Curriculum, and Institutional Intelligence.

We lead the development of science programs featuring dedicated expert faculty and new curricular programming forging high-impact, interdisciplinary, learner-centered experiences visible across your entire community. Our proven curriculum development is a collaborative process focusing on curriculum content and infrastructure, resource needs and optimization, and safe and secure learning environments.

Elevate Faculty Expertise

We will build out your faculty profiles to highlight your expertise.

We believe educators are the most important member of science education programs. We increase faculty visibility by featuring faculty hard work and expertise as an integral part of your vibrant community of science education experts.

Chemistry Educator

Joyce L. Bellvue Ph.D.

Science Educational Specialties:

-College Science Teaching

-Laboratory Process Skills

-Consumer Science Chemistry

-American Chemical Society Member

Transforming Modern Science Curriculum

We will help design your powerful science curriculum.

Modern science education initiatives should be transforming not reforming. We take this action seriously and work hard to develop your science curriculum to be part of a transforming experience for all stakeholders in your educational learning systems. We transform your existing curricula in ways which utilizes your institutional strengths and foster more personalized learning experiences through strategic value-added programming.  

Science Curriculum Content Design

We will help implement powerful science teaching and learning  tools and strategies.

Science curriculum (standards-based) content design begins with your existing programs and looks for ways which it can be even better. Our analysis is conducted through careful collaboration with your institution and recommendations/deliverables are forged from your ground up such as Project Based Learning (PBL), experiential or field based learning, laboratory investigations, personalized learning, cross-curriculum models, technology-infused design, and high-level impact study plans. Curriculum are based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL), 504 accessibility, and safe and secure learning environments. We feel this gives you ownership with authenticity moving forward.


Curriculum Organization, Infrastructure, and Platforms

We will develop highly-organized curriculum library for easy access.

Effective science education programs are built upon stable platforms accessing organized and optimized curriculum infrastructures. We develop and ensure ease of information flow through your secure curriculum management system including:

  • Cloud Based Access with Redundancy

  • Curriculum Modification and Development

  • Centralized User Controlled Access Points

  • Standardize Classification and Curriculum Library

  • Forged in Efficiency


Institutional Intelligence

We will help you elevate your position in your community.

We believe curriculum design and implementation should foster institutional intelligence--the capacity to work effectively within your organization and how to foster the capacity of your institution to teach and learn science. This takes planning, patience, and practice and we are experts are developing your road map for a healthy future. We feel strongly that educational institutions can develop strategic community connections which play integral roles in building your institutional intelligence. Share your expertise with the world and elevate your position in the community.

College Campus

Our own faculty could better control the rigor of lessons and save money if our curriculum was developed in-house supporting our own specific education needs. - Mitchell, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum

Building Strategic Community Connections

We believe providing rich experiences for learners of science is crucial at all levels. We curate your curriculum to include direct experiences at scientific companies with industry experts. Our proven curriculum design bridges learners and educators with modern scientific industries and workforce professionals.